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What we offer

Data Proccesing

Scanning and geo-referencing of hard-copy maps, Orthorectification and mosaicking of aerial and satellite data, Classification of aerial and satellite images, Aerial,Data Calibration.


DTM & DEM Extractions -Ground & Topographical Classifications, Power Line Feature coding and caternary stringing,Feature Extraction - Advance classifications like Building,Moving features.

Mapping & Analysis

Base map / Thematic maps / Topographic maps -- Generation from LiDAR, Photogrammetry and Satellite imagery, Land use and Land cover mapping (existing and proposed).

GIS development and Modeling

Creation of GIS database and integration, Spatial analysis, Suitability analysis, Topographic & Proximity analysis.

3D Mapping and Design

Extract 3d features and building models from LiDAR(Airborne and Terrestial - TLS & MTLS), Creation of 3D models using Pictometry images, Photos and CAD plans,Creating realistic still 3d Graphics for interiors and Exteriors,Creating various 3D models using AutoCAD drawings,Graphics creation through Photoshop.

Location Content & Navigation

Feature rich Map,Field data Collection - POI & Road Network, Building HD Maps, Value added Feature Creation,Traffic routing algorithm.

About Us

Elucidate is brainchild of two young and dyanamic Engineers having more than 4-years of combined experience in industrial products sales and services. We are the total solution provider to the customers on their service needs related to LiDAR,GIS and Engineering solutions. Elucidate been formed with just one motto which is "Listen to customer". Whether the customer is in need of any relative service, technical expertise or any technical services we want to listen to the customer and would like to share our knowledge or expertise so that the customer's requirememt is met. Our business philosophy is to exceed the customers need and offer product & services in-line with our philosophy. We belive in offering solution through high level of technical support, right product selection, prompt response time, support with short & emergency delivery periods and value for money products.

Over the past decade, the Geospatial data processing industry has evolved through varied technologies(GIS,LiDar, 3D,Mapping among others). The enormous potential of data visualizations that each of these domains individually possess is being harnessed and realized across Earth Sciences, Urban Development, Science and Technology, Telecommunications, Environment, Forestry, Climate Change, Tourism, Ecological Surveys in Government, Semi Governmemt (both Regional and International) with large scale departments such as Roads & Highways,Irrigation, Rural Development, Surveys, Skill Development and Entrepreneurship.

Our vision is to grow & set ourselves as a benchmark vendor in terms of best-in-class service & excellent after services for entire LiDar and GIS.

We OFFER best of best service

  • Digital Photogrammetry
  • GIS,LiDar information
  • Remote Sensing
  • 3D Laser Scanning
  • Drone Surveying And Mapping