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Mobile Laser Scanning

Mobile LiDAR (also knoown as mobile laser scanning) is when two or more scanners are attached to a moving vehicle to collect data along a path.

Mobile LiDAR System is an emerging technology that combines multiple sensors. Active sensors, together with Inertial and Global Navigation System, are synchronized on a mobile platform (car, train, boat, etc.) to produce an accurate and precise geospatial 3D point cloud.

Mobile laser scanning technology has been gaining popularity in the recognition of roads and road-scene objects.

This fast and accurate collection provides the most efficient method of topographic and surface feature data collection along highways, secondary roads and other routes permitting vehicle access.

Road Corridor Mapping (CURB, Slopes, Road Edges, Utility Features, Road Markings)
Railway Corridor Mapping
Topography Mapping
2D Mapping
3D Mapping
Planimetric Collection
Power-line Catenary Mapping